The Golden Age Commences!

Welcome mortals,

Fortune has bestowed a gift upon you, one that is incomparable to any other that you have received: discovery of this website. You have been given access to the thoughts and ideas of the gods themselves, consider yourself blessed…



Well, okay, that may be a bit of a stretch. We aren’t exactly gods.. or greek for that matter, but we do have geek thoughts. Sometimes. Originally, yes, this blog was envisioned as a review website for the television, literature, and products that are of the geek persuasion. However, we now exist to encompass a variety of topics, basically…anything and everything goes. For now, in the beta version of the site, we will be dealing with the following categories, Godly Decrees, Geek stuff, Misc Reviews, and Musings. Godly decrees refer to posts that are related to site changes and general news regarding the “gods”. Geekstuff will handle the original idea behind the site, that is, well…geek stuff. Miscellaneous Reviews are a catch-all for any reviews that go beyond the scope of the geek/nerd genre. Musings are just blog posts discussing ideas related to current events or pretty much anything idea that pops into our heads.

Why Gods?

When someone refers to themselves as literal Greek gods, it can often be assumed to be the result of a hubris so great not even the mountains of Olympus could contain it. In our case, that is most definitely not the case. We are merely using the deities as pseudonyms for our writings, despite the internet being a completely safe place to use one’s real name. It is only a coincidence that we are dashing, handsome, beautiful, intelligent, amazing, fantastic and absolutely divine. So, Yes, I can assure you we are not letting the usage of divine nomenclature go to our heads and it is definitely not the case of hubris.

So, my dear mortals, the gods’ prime decree is this: The Golden Age Commences!


 Διόνυσος (Dionysus)

God of Wine, Fertility, Theatre, Revelrie, Merriment, Insanity.


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